Manufacturing FFL Compliance Plans Begin With On-Demand Legal and Compliance Advice (the “Help Desk”)
We will provide answers to your inquiries in a manner that takes into account your specific business operations and objectives; we don’t provide you with “canned” responses.  FFL Law’s personnel and associated consulting firms have not only served their clients in the firearms industry, but they have also all been employed by firearms manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.  They understand the business-side of complying with the law and endeavor to serve their clients in a fashion that impedes business as minimally as possible.

Inspection Readiness and Facility Visit
On-site Facility Visit (Required for manufacturing FFLs)

The manufacturing environment is complex.  Transactions writing to your A&D Book and Forms submitted to ATF are only a fraction of the daily tasks that will impact compliance.  Sourcing, storage, the flow of parts throughout the facility, sales practices, and other daily activities will all have some impact on whether your company is in full compliance with the law.  FFL Law will visit your site and design a plan to continuously improve your compliance.

  • FFL Records Diagnosis (Off-site)
  • Inspection Readiness Assessment Package

ATF Representation and Inspection Support

  • Unlimited Access to Attorneys and Compliance Professionals
  • Legal Representation Before the ATF

Don’t stand before the government unarmed.  If you had an inspection that did not go your way and you find yourself at a warning conference or revocation proceeding with your license at risk our attorneys will represent you at no additional cost.[1]

  • ATF Inspection Support

If ATF shows up at your door you will be prepared with our FFL Keys to Compliance™ and company policies.  However, if you momentarily forget or you are unsure of what to do you can contact us immediately.  If desired, we can arrange to be on site as soon as reasonably possible, or we can walk you through the process step by step.[2]  Our professionals have extensive experience with ATF inspections and have been involved in inspections comprised of hundreds of thousands of serial numbers, tens of thousands of records, and decades of ATF paperwork.

Manufacturing FFL Compliance Plans – Simplified Legal Guides

  • FFL Law Keys to FFL Compliance™
  • NFA: Keys to SOT Compliance™
  • FFL Security Guidebook
  • Introduction to the Firearm Industry
  • A Working Guide to the Firearms Industry
  • Serialized Inventory Analysis for the Firearms Industry
  • Automatic Enrollment to FFL Law Newsletters and Advisories

Organizational Policies and Employee Training Program

  • Top Ten FFL Compliance Policies
    Compliance policies are the backbone of any program designed to keep a company operating within the bounds of the law. If you do not have policies in place for your employees to learn and review, chances are they are unaware of their responsibilities.  These 10 policies are designed to provide for the majority of your ATF compliance needs (all companies have unique issues) and may be tailored to fit your environment or deployed immediately.

    • A&D Book
    • Theft / Loss / Found
    • ATF Record Retention
    • ATF Trace Response
    • Serial Number Inventory
    • Markings
    • Destruction
    • Temporary Assignments
    • Return / Repair / Replacement
    • Inspection Readiness
  • GCA and NFA Orchid FFL University Learning
    • Unlimited access 24/7 to the core courses of the Orchid FFL University
    • 101 – Regulated Industry Orientation
    • 102 – Firearm Types and Distribution
    • 103 – Creating and Managing the Compliance Function
    • 104 – Firearm Physical Security Ideas
    • 105 – Retail Transactions and ATF Compliance
    • 106 – Retail Inspection Prep
    • 111 – Serialized Inventory Records
    • NFA Included: Additional Complementary FCU Course – 110 NFA Deep Dive
      *FFL Law clients may arrange for personalized training developed for your company to be delivered live (in-person or video conference) at reduced clients-only rates.

Access to 2016-1 Compliant eBound Book and e4473 Software

You’ll receive a 25% discount on Orchid Advisors’ integrated eBound Book and e4473 application. Orchid Advisors’ eBound Book is constantly updated, keeping FFLs current with ATF requirements.  Regardless of FFL size and current information and manufacturing systems, the desire for integration between ATF applications and business systems vary.  Orchid offers a wide variety of options including (1) a standalone online, cloud-based application that can be operational in 10 minutes; (2) an API-integrated, online cloud-based application; and (3) a fully custom solution built directly into your ERP / POS business systems.

NFA Included: SOT Application and Dealer Go-Live

  • Have you previously thought about manufacture and distribution of NFA items but did not want to due to fear of the additional burden? Ditch that fear and exploit the opportunity for growth.  Our experts have worked for and served the largest entities in the country involved with the manufacture and sale of NFA firearms.  Get licensed and become a manufacturer of NFA items with all the knowledge and expertise you need.

Manufacturing FFL Compliance Plans – State Firearm Regulations

  • You’ll receive a 25% discount on Orchid eState™. The app allows you to determine what type of firearm is lawful in which state without reading tediously through hundreds of laws and regulations. The app addresses assault weapons laws, magazine restrictions, and NFA restrictions (excluding silencers).  The app also provides links to relevant laws should you desire to research further on your own.
  • Believe it or not, the laws in a state across the country can affect your compliance. Beyond that, they can affect your sales opportunities.  FFL Law will provide you with information on pending state legislation across the country.  Although any firearms law may affect business in some way, FFL Law is the only firm that focuses exclusively on legislation that directly affects firearms businesses so you don’t have to comb through hundreds of bills that have no effect on your business.

Grow Internationally

FFL Law works with its partner organizations and can arrange for export services to be provided at a reduced cost to help FFL Law clients open up new markets and further grow their business.

[1] Subject to certain exclusions.  Clients who engage FFL Law who have recently had an inspection and seek representation in a closing conference, warning conference, or revocation proceeding may have to pay additional fees.

[2] Travel expenses will be billed at actual cost.

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