FFL License, NFA / SOT and Import / Export

Operating a business in the firearms industry begins with a Federal Firearms License (or an “FFL”). Our expert attorneys can provide FFL license and Legal Services to get you started. Beyond the FFL, we assist firearm licensees with their broader NFA / SOT and Import / Export licensing needs. FFL Law can guide businesses through the process of obtaining FFL licenses to begin firearm operations, and subsequent licenses and permits necessary to expand their manufacturing operations or sales reach.

Legal ATF Inspection Support for FFL Licensees

FFL License operations include A&D Books, NFA Forms, Forms 4473, import and export paperwork, and many other records and business actions; each presents dozens of opportunities for misunderstanding, mistakes, and, ultimately, citation. FFL Law can educate businesses where they stand with respect to ATF’s requirements, present a picture of risk and educate the industry on how to reduce that risk, all under the protection of attorney-client privilege.

Legal Considerations for eBound Book and e4473 Software

Gun stores across the United States are moving to a new Point of Sales (POS) systems to manage inventory better. In our industry, that drives an increased focus on eBound Book and e4473 technology, eStorage technology, and the evaluation of licenses and data during system moves. Our FFL License and Legal Service Attorneys regularly help retailers apply for ATF variances, permitting the use of such technology.

Commercial Matters Including eCommerce

You may be starting a new company and need to create your standard documents. Perhaps your firearm business is presented with a complex transaction that requires FFL legal services. Maybe you have not reviewed your sales or purchase terms since they have been created, and they have not evolved with the law (which is always moving, something those in the firearms industry is familiar with!). FFL Law can provide transactional services, whether traditional or non-traditional (e.g., eCommerce).

Corporate Compliance and Due Diligence

In today’s regulatory environment, companies in every industry must ensure they meet specific standards for compliance with myriad regulatory regimes and implement best practices to achieve compliance. Whether you desire to conduct an internal compliance audit or are undergoing a merger or acquisition, FFL Law can investigate and present executive leadership with a risk-based assessment of your company’s corporate compliance program.

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