Firearms Industry Experts

The role of our Firearms Industry Experts are to assist our attorneys with specific, operational related matters. Their expertise lies deep within the operations of the firearms industry, bringing experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, pawn and export activities. This team of operational experts works closely with Orchid Law to bring you the broadest scope of expertise available in the industry.

Jon Rydberg, Orchid Advisors

Firearms Manufacturing Operations

Jon Rydberg is CEO of the Gearfire family of companies where he oversees the operations of four privately held business entities in the outdoor sporting goods industry (Retail Technology Group, Gearfire, Orchid Advisors and Gearfire Payments). Currently, he is leading the development of an integrated software and services solution that serves over 2,200 retailers, 65% of NSSF 5 Star Ranges and the manufacturers who produce over 70% of US firearms. Jon and his team are focused on modernizing the consumer experience beginning with product manufacture, product search, online and in-store purchase and the after-sales expertise. Jon is an expert in regulated business operations having dedicated time equally to serving multi-national Fortune 500 companies and the outdoor sporting goods industry. He has played an active role in ERP / POS implementation, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management and public company financial reporting. Jon is the founder of the largest regulated firearms consulting firm (Orchid Advisors) and the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. He was previously employed by Ernst & Young LLP, United Technologies Corporation, Protiviti Global Consulting, and Smith & Wesson.

Travis Glover, Retail Technology Group

Firearms Retail and Distribution Operations

Travis brings more than 22 years’ experience as a Firearms Industry Leader, having held sales and management position at major U.S. firearms industry wholesalers and retailers, including AcuSport, Cabela’s and Lipsey’s, among others and sits on the Board of Directors for the American Suppressor Association. He has an extensive background of developing, implementing and sustaining industry leading, best in class, compliance programs focused on establishing upstream standard operating procedures that drive employee effectiveness through streamlined efficient practices producing critically important downstream compliance with positive bottom line impact to the business’s financial health.

Alexis Tunell, Orchid Advisors

Firearm Retail and Pawn Operations

Alexis Tunell led the federal ATF and state firearms compliance function for EZCORP, Inc., the nation’s second largest and publically traded pawn lender with over 700 retail locations across North America, including more than 350 FFLs. She has an extensive background in retail firearm operations, retail store security, retail Point of Sales and electronic 4473 / A&D book development. She is recognized nationally by regulatory agencies and was an NSSF-chosen speaker at the 2017 SHOT Show University.

Jordan Young, Orchid Export Practice

Firearm Export Control

Jordan brings more than 16 years experience as a firearms industry executive to Orchid Advisors, having held management positions at major U.S. and international firearm manufacturers and importers, including Remington Arms Company, Para-Ordnance and Dasan U.S.A., among others. He has an extensive background in firearms and ammunition import and export permitting and licensing, international trade logistics and international business development and commercial activity. With a strong understanding of firearms manufacturing, assembly and import / export activity, Jordan has integrated regulatory solutions into daily business operations to help firearms companies operate more efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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