FFL Law was founded to provide FFLs with access to Expert FFL and Firearm Lawyers.  Federal Firearms Licensees can enlist the services of an attorney on matters relates to FFL and SOT licenses, federal and state firearm laws, importing and exporting of firearms, ATF inspections and, where needed, ATF inspection revocations.

Philip D. Milks

Lead Attorney

Philip coordinates the services of firearm lawyers and subject matter experts who work to keep their clients compliant with federal and state firearms laws. Previously leading Remington Outdoor Company’s compliance function for all manufacturing facilities and currently serving clients with Orchid Advisors as a regulatory consultant, Philip has dedicated his professional career to serving businesses within the firearms industry from the largest manufacturers to the smallest start-up company. His experience covers the range of issues faced by firearms businesses, from initial licensing, through product development, commercial transactions, regulated technology implementation, due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, and sunsetting of Federal Firearms Licenses.

Partner Firm Attorneys

Dr. Stephen Halbrook, Attorney

Firearms and Constitutional Law

Dr. Halbrook is one of the country’s most well known firearm lawyers. His concentration is in the area of Constitutional Affairs. He is one of the most prominent attorneys in the firearms industry having represented manufacturers and the industry at large in the Supreme Court. He is an accomplished author focused on the rights of US citizens to bear arms and has written several position papers on Federal and State legislation.

Read Attorney Halbrook’s latest article, “To Bear Arms for Self-Defense: A Right of the People” or a Privilege of the Few?  Part One of a Two-Part Series.  21 The Federalist Society Review 46 (2020).

Camden Webb, Williams Mullen

Firearms Law and Litigation

Camden is a highly experienced firearm lawyer who advises the industry, including manufacturers, retailers and government contractors on firearm-related matters. As a partner in their Litigation Practice, Camden also represents clients in difficult litigation matters. Camden’s experience includes intra-corporate and intra-partnership disputes; conflicts arising from corporate transactions; and litigation involving financial institutions. Camden is a Partner at Williams Mullen.

Charles E. “Chuck” James, Jr., Williams Mullen

Firearms Law and Litigation

Charles E. “Chuck” James, Jr. provides legal counsel to members of the firearms industry on state and federal firearms laws and regulations. Before he became a firearm lawyer, he previously served as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia’s Richmond and Alexandria Divisions and the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division, Washington, D.C. As part of their White Collar & Investigations practice, Chuck represents individuals and corporations in state and federal investigations, including grand jury and trial matters. Chuck is a Partner at Williams Mullen.

Clay Cheshire, Munitions Law Group

Firearms Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

As a firearm lawyer, Clay Cheshire represents firearms, ammunition, and explosives companies every single day, throughout the United States and internationally. Clay Cheshire is one of the most experienced, skilled Firearms Industry corporate and regulatory compliance lawyers in the United States. Clay is co-founder of Munitions Law Group.

Jon Rydberg, Orchid LLC Family of Companies

CEO and Technology and Financial Services Leader

Jon Rydberg is CEO of Orchid LLC, parent company to Orchid Solutions and Orchid Advisors, three entities focused on innovative technology, payment processing and professional services in the outdoor sporting goods industry. Over the last few years, Mr. Rydberg has been the CEO of the Retail Technology Group and Gearfire Payments, and was an executive at Gearfire responsible for co-developing its strategy. In his capacity as CEO of Orchid LLC, RTG, and Gearfire Payments Mr. Rydberg has served over 2,500 FFLs, 65% of NSSF 5 Star Ranges and the manufacturers who produce over 70% of US firearms. Jon and his team are focused on modernizing the consumer experience beginning with product manufacture, product search, online and in-store purchase and the after-sales expertise. Jon is an expert in regulated business operations having dedicated time equally to serving multi-national Fortune 500 companies and the outdoor sporting goods industry. He has played an active role in ERP / POS implementation, mergers and acquisitions, supply chain management and public company financial reporting. Jon is the founder of the largest regulated firearms consulting firm (Orchid Advisors) and the Firearms Industry Compliance Conference. He was previously employed by Ernst & Young LLP, United Technologies Corporation, Protiviti Global Consulting, and Smith & Wesson.

Jordan Young, Orchid Advisors

Export Practice Lead

Jordan brings more than 16 years’ experience as a firearms industry executive to Orchid Advisors, having held management positions at major U.S. and international firearm manufacturers and importers, including Remington Arms Company, Para-Ordnance and Dasan U.S.A., among others. He has an extensive background in firearms and ammunition import and export permitting and licensing, international trade logistics and international business development and commercial activity. With a strong understanding of firearms manufacturing, assembly and import / export activity, Jordan has integrated regulatory solutions into daily business operations to help firearms companies operate more efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Jason Knowles

Export Services

Jason brings his experience as a Senior Defense Export Analyst at the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) to companies using or seeking to use ITAR export agreements (TAAs, MLAs, WDAs) to conduct ITAR-controlled business activities with non-U.S. partners. At DDTC, Jason reviewed, adjudicated and counseled industry and government stakeholders regarding more than 1,500 defense export applications and submissions, with a total value exceeding $42 Billion.  His experience spans all U.S. Munitions List controlled exports; however, he specialized in licenses for arms, ammunitions, electronics and training. Prior to his departure from DDTC in May 2018, Jason was the licensing officer for all ITAR agreements submitted by the firearms and ammunition industry. Jason is a U.S. Air Force retired veteran who holds a Top Secret/SCI eligible security clearance.

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