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Firearm Laws 

Mastering firearm laws can be a challenge, especially when buying, shipping and selling across state line. Limit your legal risk by speaking with an attorney or by using our simple firearm law guides.

  • Gun Control Act
  • National Firearms Act
  • Arms Export Control Act
  • State Firearms Laws
  • Firearms Classification


FFL Legal Operations

We help firearm business owners get licensed, apply for ATF variances, understand ATF recording keeping and pass ATF inspections. Speak with an attorney regarding FFL formation through closure matters.

  • ATF Licenses and Variances
  • ATF Inspections
  • eBound / e4473 Advisory
  • Compliance and Diligence
  • Commerce / eCommerce


FFL Service Plans

Your FFL is your livelihood – we help protect your operation and stay compliant.  Our programs are simple, yet powerful and are designed to teach, guide, audit and monitor your FFL throghout the year.

  • Designed for All FFLs
  • Legal Protection Service
  • Guidelines and Education
  • ATF Inspection Support
  • On-Call Legal Advisory

Active Legal Representation
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Firearm Retail / Range

We help retail and range operators understand laws related to GCA / NFA firearm transfers. We’re experts in 4473 forms, NFA forms, FBI NICS background checks and state laws.

Firearm Manufacturing

We help manufacturers understand aspects of the law beginning with subcontracting, product marketing and classification, manufacturing, state registration and the sale and distribution across the glove.