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Orchid Law, PLLC was founded to provide legal services for businesses operating in the firearms industry. By combining practical legal and regulatory services, firearms companies can enlist the services of our advising attorneys who will work with them as a trusted advisors who are aware of their unique position and legal obligations. In addition to legal services, Orchid Law has created relationships with other firearms industry specialists to broaden the spectrum of legal and professional services available to clientele.

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Advising Attorneys

Philip D. Milks, Orchid Law

Lead Attorney

Philip’s practice focuses on keeping his clients compliant with federal and state firearms laws and assisting with general transactional matters. Previously leading Remington Outdoor Company’s compliance function for all manufacturing facilities and currently serving clients with Orchid Advisors as a regulatory consultant, Philip has dedicated his professional career to serving businesses within the firearms industry from the largest manufacturers to the smallest start-up company. His experience covers the range of issues faced by firearms businesses, from initial licensing, through product development, commercial transactions, regulated technology implementation, due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, and sunsetting of Federal Firearms Licenses.

Partner Firm Advising Group

Camden Webb, Williams Mullen

Firearms Law and Litigation

Camden advises the firearms industry, including manufacturers, retailers and government contractors on firearm-related matters. As a partner in their Litigation Practice, Camden also represents clients in difficult litigation matters. Camden’s experience includes intra-corporate and intra-partnership disputes; conflicts arising from corporate transactions; and litigation involving financial institutions. Camden is a Partner at William’s Mullen.

Chuck James, Williams Mullen

White Collar Crimes

Charles E. “Chuck” James, Jr. provides legal counsel to members of the firearms industry on state and federal firearms laws and regulations. He previously served as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia's Richmond and Alexandria Divisions and the Department of Justice's Criminal Division, Washington, D.C. As part of their White Collar & Investigations practice, Chuck represents individuals and corporations in state and federal investigations, including grand jury and trial matters. Chuck is a Partner at William’s Mullen.

Dr. Stephen Halbrook, Attorney

Firearms and Constitutional Law

Dr. Halbrook’s concentration is in the area of Constitutional Affairs. He is one of the most prominent attorneys in the firearms industry having represented manufacturers and the industry at large in the Supreme Court. He is an accomplished author focused on the rights of US citizens to bear arms and has written several position papers on Federal and State legislation.

Clay Cheshire, Munitions Law Group

Firearms Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

Clay Cheshire represents firearms, ammunition, and explosives companies every single day, throughout the United States and internationally. Clay Cheshire is one of the most experienced, skilled Firearms Industry corporate and regulatory compliance lawyers in the United States. Clay is co-founder of Munitions Law Group.

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